Year End — Look Forward

Welcome back to a BLOG!!!

My first blog was back in May. That blog and several others laid out plans for the future. I can say sitting here right now I have made progress. Was everything done like I wanted? No. As we go we move into 2021 with great excitement and challenges.

This is my main site that lists all of my apps and windows programs. This site has done what it is supposed to. Give you the visitor easy access to them. Right now the greatest feedback I have had was 1. no individual pages for the apps? 2. Where were the Webtools that you once had (IE. Bowling, Golfing and a few others). I can announce today that both of those questions will be answered in January 2021.
1. I will be creating a specialized page for each of the apps. The pages will include screenshot, video and links to them
2. Webtools are coming back and will be expanding. Look at the APP section to find out how.
What I said in June is still on the board.

Guess the Word Unlimited: This will eventually grow to 1 million words and other features. (Live now) — Released but needs a brand new look and mandate
Word search App: This is coming. Working with a developer right now to get this finalized and launched
Word Scramble: Im looking into developing a game around that. (drawing board)
Word search Windows Program: This will be tons of features but you would download it to your computer. This may even cost 5 dollars. (Drawing Board)
Word Search Section: Right now we have about 30 on the site. These will complement the app
**Beat the Clock: A game that makes you beat the clock. It will have many levels (In Development)

I fully expect to have many updates/Programs completed by end of March 2021
This will continue to focus on that app. It will be redesigned but for now app updates once a month

Ultimate TV Trivia: Continue to get monthly updates for Episode Trivia. New sections coming later this year. Jan — flashpoint Season One/ Feb — Flashpoint Season Two
Ultimate TV Guess/Guess the Word Unlimited: Looking at a complete redesign in terms of concept
Wordsearch App: Coming as soon as development is done

Now some apps Amazon have an exclusive section called scorekeeping/scorecards. The following are not Amazon App Store only
Golf 19
Golf 18
Three Bowling scores.

These have all been put into a new design. So evolution of these apps will be easier then before. With that being said the following Apps will be launched by the end of Janurary


All these apps will have a webtool page also. So you can keep score through the app or online. Dont have to use pen and paper anymore

Some Long Term App/Program Ideas
Sports Trivia
United States Trivia
World Trivia
Beat the Clock
Election USA
Fill in the Blank
Screen Recorder
Wordsearch Windows Program
Wordsearch App
parodic table
timer game

Will the whole list above get done by the end of 2021? Who Knows. My drive to provide quality Apps and Programs continue. In 2021 the plan is to spend some money on advertising and graphic overall of all of my apps.

Thats the plan. Next Blog coming Jan 15, 2021

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