Stage 1: The Future Months Ahead


The Developer Blog will give me more ability to explain and show off projects in development, updates, and much more!

Stage 1

Websites — Develop and continue to expand the content of the site. — Over the next several months a decision will be made on the direction of this site — Each show in the APP will get its own page. Each new section will have its own page. — Landing page for the Ultimate TV Trivia not much will change

In a nutshell I will be going over all apps created and updating them.

Computer Programs
I will be releasing new programs

This is going to be the most important aspect of the Apps/Computer program releases. Over the years i have developed some content here and there. I have toyed with programming different App/Computer programs. I will be going through all my files to determine where a lot of those developments are/what will move forward/what can be released over time. Just by looking at the content i can say this will be a time consuming aspect.

Ultimate TV Trivia App
This app was never meant to be a weekly update. I had envisions of it being a monthly update. Obviously with the Covid19 I did over a month of weekly updates. Updates are ready to go for May 15, June 15 and July 15th. At this time I will be converting the app to a new builder. Some aspects of the app will be built from ground up again.

I thought about giving you great detail today about the future apps/programs that will be released. I quickly realized that things will be changing after I review the inventory I have. Some programs will be scratched and some will be re-imagined. I will state that education programs, utility programs, and games will be three circles that I will continue to develop for. I started based on education/utility programs. I will continue this theme.

Stage One how long will it last? I dont know how long before i move to whatever Stage 2 will be. I know that the Ultimate TV Trivia redesign I envision having done in August/September. Part of me would like to see Stage one almost complete by then. In theory we shall see.

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See you soon with more news/updates and who knows what

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