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Guess The Word Unlimited Snap Preview

Welcome, Today I’m going to show you some screenshots of Guess the Word Unlimited. This is very early stage redesign of Guess the Word 500. As you can see from the above photos and interface will be launched with the new design. Also different buttons including a space button!. We will have more information on […]

May Update

Welcome, Over the past week since I lasted posted a lot of work has been done on the back end. Let’s get on with it Ultimate TV Trivia App Update(May 15th) This update will include the first half of season 5 of Fuller House. 9 Episodes Websites All the websites have received back end updates. […]

Stage 1: The Future Months Ahead

Welcome, The Developer Blog will give me more ability to explain and show off projects in development, updates, and much more! Stage 1 Websites — Develop and continue to expand the content of the site. — Over the next several months a decision will be made on the direction of this site […]