May Update


Over the past week since I lasted posted a lot of work has been done on the back end. Let’s get on with it

Ultimate TV Trivia App Update(May 15th)
This update will include the first half of season 5 of Fuller House. 9 Episodes

All the websites have received back end updates. More back end things will be taking place through June 15th.

Education Matching App(s) will be coming within the next month.
Guess the word app will be getting a full overhaul over the next month
Right now I have 9 months of TV Show Trivia content ready to go for redesign launch. I plan to have enough to be prepared through the end of 2021.

Long Term Update(Too early to give many details) — I will have an announcement regarding the future of this on or before June 15th
Ultimate TV Trivia Redesign — Below you can find a screenshot of a landscape layout. Redesign will have flexible view to ensure all devices and ether portrait or landscape will work cleanly.


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