June Update Announcement

Welcome to the June announcements

Ultimate TV Trivia
Version 24 has been released with another TV season episode trivia

Other Releases

    Guess the Word Unlimited
    Ultimate TV Guess

These both are available on google play and amazon app store. We are working to get them up on Samsung.

Playwordsearch.com: I’m changing the site to focus on word app program games.

    Guess the Word Unlimited: This will eventually grow to 1 million words and other features. (Live now)
    Word search App: Yes finally I have been making progressing on a wordsearch app. That will be a cornerstone of this time (Early Development)
    Word Scramble: Im looking into developing a game around that. (drawing board)
    Word search Windows Program: This will be tons of features but you would download it to your computer. This may even cost 5 dollars. (Drawing Board)
    Word Search Section: This will host all the word search puzzles created over the years.

I fully expect the redesign of this site to be done within the next thirty days to reflect the new mission

Uttapp.com: Right now it focus on links to the Ultimate TV Trivia App downloads We will be expanding that to feature a suite of Downloads.

    Ultimate TV Trivia download links
    Ultimate TV Guess download links
    Ultimate TV Jigsaw (In Development) Links
    Ultimate TV Match (Drawing board)

Ultimatetvtrivia.com: The focus will remain on the app’s name sake. It will feature links to the sister apps coming out of it

I fully expect you to see the links and coming soon projects listed within the next month.

Ultimate TV Trivia Redesign Update

    With the information above about the suite of Ultimate TV Apps in development this app will only feature Trivia questions.
    Actors Trivia
    Actress Trivia
    Show Trivia
    Character Trivia

All these will be sections within the app over time.

News that affects the future
Stage one is not even half way done. Actually within the last 24 hours we have taken a step back. The program I use just released a powerful new update. Lots of new features and cleaner apps. Therefore I have decided to update to the next version and thus start learning the coding. With that being said i still expect Ultimate TV Trivia redesign to be done for the September Update Other apps maybe redesigned or delayed due to the learning curve.

I continue to strive for the best product. I continue to strive for a simple product easy to use. I at one point announced a matching game. That is still on the drawing board. I had created two different version and didn’t like any of them.

Stayed tuned more news will be coming

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