Fall Update


it’s been a busy summer. Lots of projects and other things done that has delayed multiple months of progress for the apps/site. As we go into the fall here is the gameplan.

I will be releasing three different bundles to purchase.

Wordsearch Bundle #1
United States

Price will be between 9-10 dollars.
Will consist of 150 puzzles

Release Date: Soon

Wordsearch Bundle #2
maybe another one or two categories

Price will be between 9-10 dollars
Will consist of 150 puzzles

Release Date: TBD

Crossword Bundle
This will be a mix of a lot of things probably. Still determining the price point/size

Release Date: TBD

Ultimate TV Trivia App

I will not be releasing any updates until maybe December. Im currently working on a redesign so the database is hosted online and not locally on phones within program.

Here is the plan
1. Im working on converting all wordsearch puzzles then crossword puzzles. This is nearly 1-2k if not more.
2. Release the bundles on Etsy
3. Get the interactive puzzles back up and working on playwordsearch.con.
4. Ultimate TV Trivia backend redesign

How long will those 4 points take all together? I do not have a timeframe. Updates will come as we go.

Always on the look out for content that will help and move forward app programming. Always looking for content that will expand the sites/apps too. Right now prices are high. I will continue to look for value.


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