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Quick April Update

Hello, Some Quick Updates and have been updated to a new theme. ETSY Products are coming. I know I have been saying that for 2 months but lots of things had to be delayed. Education/Crossword Sections will be coming end of May(Maybe sooner) on I hope to have a full blog up […]

March 2022 Update

Hello, Over the last couple months I have again re-evaluated where we are and going with the multiple websites. I have made a difficult decision to drop several websites and combine the content into and The main reason is right now this is a hobby and does not make money. Therefore the savings […]

Fall Update

Hello, it’s been a busy summer. Lots of projects and other things done that has delayed multiple months of progress for the apps/site. As we go into the fall here is the gameplan. Etsy I will be releasing three different bundles to purchase. Wordsearch Bundle #1 World United States Sports Price will be between 9-10 […]

February Update

Hello, Welcome to the February Update. Ultimate TV Trivia App Update Released Today This update includes multiple code update and the release of Flashpoint Season 2 Updates All Android Apps now have pages instead of just download links 4 new apps released: Euchre, Horse Shoes, Cornhole, and Rummy Score Keeping This will now […]

January Update

Hello, Welcome back to another blog update. We will keep this one short Ultimate TV Trivia Episode App Release Flashpoint Season One Trivia was added Android App Section is beginning to take shape. I have made pages for multiple android apps with pictures. Still working to accomplish Adding 6 or so more Scorecard Apps […]

Year End — Look Forward

Welcome back to a BLOG!!! My first blog was back in May. That blog and several others laid out plans for the future. I can say sitting here right now I have made progress. Was everything done like I wanted? No. As we go we move into 2021 with great excitement and challenges. Websites: […]

July: Summer Blog

Welcome back, Ultimate TV Trivia updated Another tv episode trivia show has landed. I want to thank everyone who has downloaded, installed, used, played, and sent feedback regarding all my apps and programs. Trust me those are invaluable items. Work will continue over the next 75 days. That’s right we will have no official blog […]

June Update Announcement

Welcome to the June announcements Ultimate TV Trivia Version 24 has been released with another TV season episode trivia Other Releases Guess the Word Unlimited Ultimate TV Guess These both are available on google play and amazon app store. We are working to get them up on Samsung. I’m changing the site to focus […]

2 New App Release Announcement

Welcome back, Today I can announce that the following two apps have been uploaded to Amazon, Google and Samsung Stores accordingly. Now with the uploads complete it will take time to get them approved. Amazon App Store will probably have both apps listed sooner then Google Play and Samsung due to Covid19. Guess The Word […]

Guess The Word Unlimited Snap Preview

Welcome, Today I’m going to show you some screenshots of Guess the Word Unlimited. This is very early stage redesign of Guess the Word 500. As you can see from the above photos and interface will be launched with the new design. Also different buttons including a space button!. We will have more information on […]